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Is power weaver supposed to be harder than power tempest?


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It says on snowcrows that power weaver is a high learning curve spec, and power tempest "has a low learning curve" but I don't really understand how. I followed the power weaver beginner guide on that website, and they made it pretty easy getting 30k dps with power weaver with mostly autos & 3 button. Now with power tempest, I can barely maintain get 24k dps going. I don't really understand how I could possibly get anywhere near the 36k benchmark because I feel like I fundamentally am misunderstanding something. 


As I understand it, my dps comes from casting air overload, then swapping to fire and casting dragontooth/phoenix/wildfire, then swapping back to air to cast cyclone/lightning orb/overload, then swapping to ice to cast shatterstone, air and repeat. 


Can anyone help me understand power tempest?

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Because it's easy to do 30k, particulary with hybrid or condi as you just need to spam skills with Burning Condition. It get more complicated to increase 1k per 1k and perfect rotation : Not waste precious second of weaself (+20% condi damage) for example, or add Twin Strike in the rotation but without water AA, keep fresh air. Power is a lot easier than condi too.
But Mostly, people say it's hard ... not because of the rotation, but because of the sustain. You're 120 range melee and you're pastry sheet, everything can kill you faster than you imagine. Try to perform your rotation while dodging bullets ...  ... while you could just play FB with one finger and go 35k ...


Tempest is a bit easier as you get your own protection,  additional damage reduction, with more range on weapons. However I also think the DPS is kitten, it's a trap in fact; as you need to overlaps numerous skills for burst (the storm, the air overload, the hammer, the orbs from warhorn  ...)  and you're extremely dependent to quickness/alacrity, a lot more than Weaver with l always a skill to use.  Most of Tempest see their DPS vanish after the 2 first minutes because they shift skills on CD, boons start to miss sometimes, etc.
Or you play fire tempest, but then, better play Fire weaver with some trailblazer pieces.

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Earth and water won't break your DPS if you skip them on tempest, so you could just juggle between Fire and Air, which makes it a pretty easy rotation with few skills.  Gale song trait also pretty much gives you a free pass every 40s (think it used to be shorter?) if you missed a dodge on bosses with knockdown like Gorseval, which helps a ton when you're new to the boss.   Overloads also break stun, so you have permanent stun break built into your rotation.

On tempest, you never need to check if its time to switch attunements because it is very obvious when overload air ends, and also fresh air means no CD switching back to air afterwards.  Less time keeping track of switching attunements is more time looking at the boss mechanics.  I also find Wash the pain away on tempest to be much more effective at saving you in raids then the heal skills you get as weaver, because you get healed during the cast instead of after the cast.

Power weaver got a reputation for being insanely hard because the meta used to be using staff, which had an extremely long rotation before the rotation repeats, was extremely immobile, and it took you a long time to get access to your CC skills if you needed them.    It was hell on earth to play on most bosses.



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