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Progression Static Recruiting - Semiexp Kiter(s)

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hello, recruiting for a static, we are run in a guild discord but you do not need to join the guild, just the discord. we run only once per week for the static on Mondays at 8:30 eastern for about 2.5 hours (reset + 0.5).


We also run training raids/easier encounters as a guild on Wednesdays that you can come to if you want, but it's not strictly required. we've killed most bosses except dhuum and qadim at this point. current focus is progging down our first Dhuum kill.


we currently need someone who is willing to learn or semi-comfortable on DPS kiting roles (Qadim slugs, QtP Pylon). Extra points if you can messenger kite (on DPS or Druid, we can work around almost anything) on Dhuum which frees me up to be on stack more. 


I've got one spot for main group, willing to take exp subs as well.


Contact me on Discord, I suck at checking forums

- Lissiandra#3820

or mail me in-game:

- lissiandra.1357

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