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Bug - Fishing (after catch)

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I was fishing at a node in Seitung Province (far south-east of map) and successfully caught a number of fish.  Immediately on catching another one, instead of the "caught fish" animation with the fish being brought in and character cheering, I found myself stuck in a strange mode that I have never seen before.   Here are some points about it:

1)  Basically, my character was stood up doing nothing with all of the fishing icons showing (as if I was still in the process of attempting to catch a fish).
2)  If I attempted to move forwards or backwards (i.e. W or S) then my character crouched down and trembled with the "Board [F]" alternatively showing and hiding very quickly. 
3)  I took a video of the effect and I attach a composite picture that I made up from my video: made up of a main screenshot with inserts at top left showing two effects, "floating" above boat deck and an instant I caught of the "Board [F]" appearing.

4) After left-clicking all the fishing buttons with my mouse, I finally manage to get "Board [F]" to appear steadly, so I used it to sit down and everything was then back to normal.

My composite picture showing fishing bug

A link to my full video, converted to MP4.

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Added share of my full video
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