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GGB Presents: MS Toga Party and Grape Stomp 2022!

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Hey Tyrians!


Guess what time of year it is - That’s right, it’s time for the 2022 Grape Stomp and the MS Toga Party! Come join us on our map meta train on April 23rd at 1 PM CDT / 13:00 CEST for the Grape Stomp and join us on Saturday, May 14th at 12 Noon CDT / 19:00 CEST in Divinity’s Reach to help fight Multiple Sclerosis!


What is MS, you might ask? Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating disease that affects the central nervous system. MS attacks the body by hijacking the immune system and using it to destroy nerve fibers and the myelin sheathing surrounding them. Unfortunately, for sufferers of this disease, it can make everyday life excruciatingly difficult. The disease typically progresses over time and while it cannot yet be cured, treatments can slow the degradation of a person’s nerves. This is why it is so important to conduct more research and to find better treatments, and maybe one day a cure, so that this horrific disease may never damage and destroy lives again.


While the reality of MS is grim, the people who fight for a better future are far from giving up. We want to raise money for research, but we also want to do it while putting a smile on people’s faces. That leads us to our primary events this year!


For the Grape Stomp, with so many people gaining access to new maps across Tyria, we will be doing a map meta train that includes metas like the Death Branded Shatterer, Dragonstorm, and more! As always though, our primary goal for the Grape Stomp is to start fundraising for the MS Toga Party – as such, we will be gathering in-game prizes and other loot. It should be noted that there is NOT an obligation to donate – we just wish for you to participate! If you wish to participate but cannot, you can still donate if you wish by reaching out to Barbie!


As for the MS Toga Party itself, things will be slightly different this year but will still be a blast! The primary changes are to do with how to donate, but we will be giving out more information as the time draws closer. As always however, all donations will be given to the MS Society of Canada. The MS Society of Canada has always been great and they help people in need, so make sure to check them out with the link below! Streamers will also be out and about during the festivities, so make sure to keep an eye open - we will be doing all sorts of fun activities, so make sure you are ready to have fun!


Some important links:


MS Society of Canada – https://mssociety.ca/

Gamers Giving Back Homepage – https://gamergivingback.org/

Gamers Giving Back Discord – https://discord.gg/H52PCUnH5V

Gamers Giving Back Twitter – https://twitter.com/GamerGivingBack

Gamers Giving Back Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gamergivingback


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for taking an interest in fighting MS! We very much look forward to seeing you all, and as always, we at GGB are thankful for each and every one of you. We cannot do this without you!


-        The GGB Team




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Hey Dollbaby.3560! I am "Barbie" and you can verify that I am from Gamers Giving Back by looking at our discord 🙂 


My Guild Wars 2 Account name is the same as the one I am replying with here. Yailith.4056. 


A few things to note for past players and new - we are changing our platform for donations this year. We will be using Tiltify to collect donations for the MS Society of Canada. We decided to switch from using the MS Walk fundraising page to Tiltify to have a more interactive  donation process for our Stream Team! As many of you know, we decided to retire our radio team last year and focus on our charity events via our Stream Team you can see here: https://www.twitch.tv/team/gamersgivingback

Our website - Gamergivingback.org is updated with our donation link, but you can also check out our fundraising campaign here. https://tiltify.com/+gamersgivingback/ms-toga-party

If anyone has any questions about the event, want to livestream for the event or simply just have questions about Gamers Giving Back - don't hesitate to reach out to myself,  Angel - AngelWriter.3652 or AyinMaiden - Ayin.2106.


Thanks everyone for your on-going support! 🙂


Rhonda aka Barbie 😉 


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