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Question about weapon swapping sigils

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Let's say on my main hand I'm using a dagger and my off hand I'm using a pistol and on weapon swap the pistol changes into a focus or sword or what have you.

If I put a weapon-swapping sigil on the dagger, does it trigger at all? Or every time I swap? Or what happens there?  Because there is no dagger on the second set of weapons so does it really count as swapping?  I'm so confused! 


 Edit:  If it doesn't trigger a weapon swap, would it work if I use 2 daggers and put weapon swapping sigils on both main hand daggers?

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It already works in your situation. And it triggers every time you swap weapon.
No need to get duplicate weapons just to trigger a sigil.

Even if you were to put a dagger in your main hand, and the only other weapon in the other weapon sets offhand slot, you would be wearing both all the time AND trigger their weapon-swap sigils.

Just for informative purposes: Even other things can trigger weapon swap sigils (or traits for that matter).
E.g. going in and out of your Celestial Avatar as a Druid, switching kits on your Engineer, elements, shrouds, tomes... see the wiki page for more.

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Thanks for your reply!  I haven't actually applied the sigil yet. I was confused because the wiki page for weapon swap mechanics said:


"If you choose to leave either the main hand or offhand weapon slot empty in one of the sets, the game will not swap the empty slot, and instead automatically use the weapon in that slot from the first set when you switch to the second." (which I interpreted as meaning it wouldn't trigger a swap because a swap did not actually happen for that weapon)


but then towards the bottom it also said:

"Sigils that trigger off a weapon swap do not need to be the weapon that gets swapped to trigger."

The grammar on this is a little iffy, but I think it implies exactly what you are saying.


Thanks again for clarifying!


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