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Do ALL SAB vendors remain available after Festival is over?


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The weekly one will be removed - that is for sure. (Those rewards are meant to be limited. Otherwise people would still buy weekly stuff with currency they have left.)

I think the ones that will stay permanently are the weaponsmith  and the other merchant that sells food buffs and other skins (minis and stuff) and other stuff - which also is used to convert 250 normal baubles to bauble bubbles. That one was always available in the past (weapon smith as well I think) the whole year. I used it when I gathered enough normal baubles from the home instance node to convert to a bubble.

For the kodan vendor (new weapons) - I think that one will go away as well. At least the previous festivals do not have such a vendor available whole year in Lion's Arch. (There are all the festival vendors of other festivals and SAB vendors got moved there as well ... though the weaponsmith and the normal bauble vendor might stay in Rata Sum as well - after the festival. That is where they have been previously whole year outside the festival as well.)

So ... those 2 will stay permanently:



Look for them at Hooligan's Route in Lion's Arch.

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Well, i logged in today and iam missing these 2 NPCs, which were avaiable all the year for change the baubles. Now they appeared... or they move them to dofferent place?


Edit: nevermind. They are in Lions arch now where all other festival NPCs are placed.

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