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Molten Furnace

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I am unable to complete Molten Furnace in Flame and Frost. I have defeated the boss, gotten to the elevator and out of instance, but it is stuck on Find an escape route from the base/investigate the facility's core. Re-entered the instance, had to repeat the boss fight and escape again, and still did not update.

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Had a similar situation, I thought it was because I did a detour to get the ore node, but I think now that it's related to the NPCs taking too long to get to the elevator.  I replayed it like you did, and killed the bosses a 2nd time, and waited in the elevator for the NPCs to arrive, and they did (with like 1 sec left)..  Not sure if that was intentional, like to create suspense or something, but I got credit for the mission on the subsequent kill.   Sucks, but at least it saved most of the progress.

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