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Again Necro doesnt have any viable raid-spec


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So from what i tested so far: necro is like his minions.A dead piece of shit.

scourge deals no significant dmg neither does reaper ore core necro.

And none of them have a good support spec.When they changed gotl i was very happy.But only till the moment i saw, how they changed it. Now we have some phalanx strength druids running around. Not allowing any other class to be might generators.

And to be a healer u need to be able to have 100% barrier uptime since there is always some ambient ae dmg pulses, which isnt possible.And even his healing is a freaking joke. Full healpower, monkrune, transference sigill, full stacked benevolence sigill, riceballs and the focusing crystals that give %outgoing healing. This all added will make transfusion only heal 5 players maximum 1300 health per tick. Not to mention that it sometimes doesnt pull downed allies towards you.

And for all that u will need an insane amount of lifeforce, which u wont get.

So gz devs for making necro the absolute worst class i ever played in any mmo

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