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Yet another rewards discussion, possible solutions to player activity in meta events and incentive

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When gw2 first came out a huge selling point was that it took away the deincentivization that many MMOs had with loot sharing. This was a massive step in the MMO community back in 2012, but 10 years later this is not that big of a deal anymore and while Anet took away that inherent deincentivization, they did not add incentive to replace it, because back in 2012 they did not need to. Now that the game is so casual and passive focused they need to add incentive. This problem is the biggest in WvW. There is no real need for a Pver who is just roaming around to actually invest time in WvW and join a guild. Anet does a good job of getting players to show up to things, but they do a bad job of getting them actively involved. In WvW there should be greater pip generation for join zerg squads and roaming parties not just leading them, better rewards should be built in for servers to win skirmishes and matches. You should get more gold for leveling up in WvW as you can really pump the levels when running with a group that is successful, and commanders should get great rewards for leading to incentivize people learning to command. These can be easy things for them to add while the look at a better rework of WvW rewards, but that would honestly do most of the work. In Pve guilds need to have life breathed into them. It strange in a game called Guild Wars that being in a guild is almost meaningless. Big meta events like DS, DE, Drizzlewood, Silverwastes, etc. should have instanced versions for big 50 groups, 25 etc, like Marionette and Dragonstorm do. maybe this is not the best idea, but Guild should be incentivized to organize these meta events and being in the guild and their squad should give you increased rewards. This will also cure the issue that a lot of end game content lacks good rewards. If you tie any new rewards to guilds you cure two problems at once. Dont nerf old rewards and push them to guilds, just add new rewards to guilds. Maybe even a super easy guild mission version of doing meta events would get the job done. Make a guild mission to do Dragon's Stand and give commendations and extra gold/mats for those in the guild doing it. The systems are all there for Anet to work with. They already do this with wvw missions they can do that for pve missions instead of pve missions being this weird separate content Instanced content and pvp should have guild leaderboards that give good rewards as well. I am unsure on how to quantify raid and fractal leaderboards, but maybe the most number of unique clears per day/week, but PvP could have it based on the automated tourney system already. Encourage players to set up their own tourneys in game as well. This could again be done through the guild system. Again I an unsure but have some rewards built in for guild groups challenging each other. and getting involved in pvp. Just implementing some easy quick fixes while they look at more longterm fixes would be great.

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