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Screen Clutter

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So I have a bunch of stuff on my screen I'm constantly doing, what with my own achievements, story missions & various events popping up around me as I move around a map, I don't appreciate y'all adding to all that clutter with this "pvp league start bonus week' banner, an event I have zero interest in & that I can't even remove from my screen, I'm just forced to have this clutter all week for an event I don't care about?


seems backwards.


why can't we choose what we want & don't want to see in the tracker? no one likes being forced to do anything, so why do you game devs constantly think our opinions don't matter? you just shove whatever you want on our screen and are like "deal with it", it's kinda rude no?

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3 minutes ago, Psynister.8761 said:

why put it there in the first place though, that's my point.

So that people can see it? Maybe someone doesn't know and wants to participate after finding out. 

The problem is that you can't opt out of seeing it after you've seen it once. 

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