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  1. Today in WvW, we saw an enemy blob use some kind of exploit where they use Warclaws to jump over the keep gates or something. I'm not sure about the process exactly or how it's done, but we've seen them do it. Then a Mesmer or a Thief enters the keep without siege on a Warclaw and ports the rest in. I don't know if anyone from today recorded that in action, but i'm just putting it out there in case anyone saw it, or maybe has a video of it. And for @ArenaNet Team.4819 to possibly investigate. There were bug reports and player reports filed in game as well, but idk who rea
  2. Anet does something nice for WvW and people complain? And everyone wonders why they don't like WvW or don't want anything to do with it. It's because of this.
  3. I've only recently start doing any Icebrood Saga lol, but yeah, ice shards are a great way of converting currency if you have karma. Dragonfall as well to buy up all of it daily for Volatile if you need LS4 ones. But the blood ruby stuff is probably the best value for effort! They're like Caladbolg, basically mini legendaries! If you don't use infusions, you don't even need to sweat about resetting them. Plus, that map is kind of fun to do, especially with Skyscale so it's not like it's a hard grind.
  4. If you want cheap (basically free) backpacks and trinkets, there's no better place to get them than Living World Season 3 maps. And you can get them as many times as you want, it just takes a bit of a currency grind.
  5. Yeah no one is going to recommend WvW as a gold farm lol, WvW is a gold sink if anything... As for PvE, i think Silverwastes RIBA is still popular, and i heard Drizzlewood Coast is supposed to be good for mats farming? But i only just got there so i don't know. I doubt anything comes close to old Istan levels of gold but, idk... Tarir Meta is still good, really fast, easy and a lot of gain for little effort. Anyway... Folllowing thread for more info, i'm interested as well.
  6. Hate to dissapoint but... https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Wave_of_Panic https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ambush_Assault Those are underwater ambushes.
  7. The combat is definitely different, more action oriented, but it's not hard to learn or get into. IMO it's more streamlined than in most MMOs. There are "rotations" to practice, but you only ever need those for Raids and Challange Fractals. You can "wing it" other times and just adapt to teh situation, i think that's what's bugging you compared to other MMOs. The combat is more "open" most of the time and you don't need or indeed want to attack constantly, you need to dodge and manage other stuff while in combat. There's a lot of Youtube videos of course you can search, but
  8. Yeah. And true, you do spam the ambush a lot, but there is a way to get more or less damage out of it, depending on other skills you use. I'm toying with my rotations right now, some are more effective than others, but it's hardly "brainless". Also, Mirage doesn't have a lot of CC (at least not the skills i'm using as utility), so it all kinda balances out i think.
  9. Again... What's the reason it should not be brainless? There's brainless builds and there's piano bilds. Why does Mirage need to be a piano build?
  10. So, you mean like Berserker F1 spam? I don't see a problem with this. Some Elites have harder rotations than others. If you want a hard rotation, play Chrono, problem solved. Why shouldn't Mirage be a bit brainless? I fail to see whypeople are complaining about this. We wanted Mesmer to be better - this is better. In open world, with food, i now feel like Mirage is close to other professions i play that admittedly don't have to use food to be better than Mirage and melt stuff, but IMO this is a step in the right direction.
  11. Nice! I discovered those by accident myself cause i was searching for utility items for WvW and came across those. Magnanimous stuff is pretty powerful, and uses up a lot of T7 mats. If you don't need it you can sell it of course. I only use the oils myself, but make everything else and sell when i have excess of mats. Gobblers have become useless now with those recipes lol.
  12. Well, to be fair, it was a bit ridiculolus to be able to do that. Anyway... Unrelated... I'm in the process of trying out new stuff, will post here when i have an opinion on it. So far, generally, i like Mirage more now, but i'm Concerned about Chrono a bit. More details when i have them. Testing needed.
  13. Save them, farm some LS3 map currency, make: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Magnanimous_Tuning_Crystal https://wiki-en.guildwars2.com/wiki/Magnanimous_Maintenance_Oil https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Magnanimous_Sharpening_Stone ??? Profit.
  14. Well it's about time that Mirage got some buffs. This still doen't work in WvW and PvP though, just in PvE, and they wanted to buff it for Raids. Mission accomplished! And yeah, you're using an outdated ArcDPS, the numbers shown are false lol! Just today, i got 1056 boonstrips in WvW while a boonstrip necro got 1046. Umm, yeah, totally accurate. 😅 Was fun to look at though haha! Wait for Arc to update before recording ridiculous damage. The damage isn't that high, i tried it in PvE, it's mostly like it's been with a slight buff to the damage because of th
  15. Right, Illusions, not inspiration. 😛 Anyway, i was confused by the "L" haha, it wasn't an L. 😛
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