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  1. Right, i meant purple. Thanks for spotting it, i'll edit it in the post!
  2. Well, you'll have a problem doing the majority of the content in the game, but if all you're interested in is open world, story and open world achievements, then you can do just fine. Just make sure you have a very powerful solo build and good equipment because, especially if you're hunting hero points and mastery points, some can only be obtained through combat and if you hate playing with others, you'll have to solo a lot of tough mobs. Yes, some mastery points are for specific mounts only. You don't have to get those immediately, get them when you get the mount. Maybe
  3. First of all, Skyscsle is not essentiall. It's nice to have but you'll never need it to complete basic content. Secondly, idk, I kinda enjoyed the hunt and exploring that map. No idea what you mean by pressure, you can literally do that in small chunks. No need to complete it immediately, there's no time limit or brand or whatever, not sure what you're talking about. So, one man's negative fun is another man's fun? I guess? Just because you're not having fun doesn't mean no one is. And if you're not having fun, stop doing the unfun thing and come back to
  4. It is, but it doesn't mean you can't have fun with a mesmer. Open world content is always fine, and since you'll be doing that most of the time, and it's the majority of the content of the game anyway, you can still have lots of fun on a mesmer. It's just that, in the "other" content, the one that "matters" (quotes for a reason), mesmer is very gutted and there's no light at the end of the tunnel, just more darkness...
  5. The dev literally commented on this thread that it's on their side and they're fixing it tomorrow. Why are you arguing over who had what addons or didn't when there's a written confirmation that it's the game and the team is working on it.
  6. You can also do gold farming events like silverwastes. You don't need a lot of gold for skyscale unless you want to skip an entire achievement collection with skyscale treats. The entire skyscale collection i think cost me like 30 gold or something, and i did all the achievements "manually". Griffin on the other hand is an unavoidable 250 gold so yeah... You can always sell ecto, MC if you don't need them (but beware that if you ever do, they're crazy expensive). Do silverwastes and keep all the bags. Make a lvl 50 character. Open all the bags you get on th
  7. Like i already explained to you in my post, every map basically boils down to do event -> get map currency -> buy reward with map currency from map vendor. There's variations of course, some maps have hearts, some only events, some events you need for achievements, etc., but the basic formula is largely the same. I get that you get overwhelmed, but like i also said, none of the thing any map throws at you is supposed to be understood and done immediately, those are all repeating events and persistent maps, nothing's going to happen if you don't get it all the second you arrive ther
  8. Yes, it's just a matter of learning the mechanics the mobs throw at you. That and a good build. If you have lvl 80 exotic gear, you already have the second best gear with first best being not that much better. What you need is a good build, meaning, correct stats on that exotic gear and well, good build to go with it. If you have Exotics, you don't really progress, you're done. Ascended is the next best thing but not that needed in open world, you pobably won't feel a difference. Well, there's a /wiki chat command built into the game for a reason. If you don't want to
  9. That will be just barely enough, yes. 😜
  10. That would be nice, yes.
  11. As a Gandara player, and a player that's in multiple WvW Gandara guilds - i feel you. 😞 I feel like i'll have to choose which guild i'm fighting for in a season and i don't like it. We'll see i guess...
  12. Oh boy... A LOT... None of it good unfortunately... Yes, it's been doing ok in Raids so they had to nerf it in all game modes. Because Raids... I wish i was kidding. Mirage didn't escape the nerfhammer either but depending on what you want, it's sligtly better than chrono. The damage on mirage is ok, not great but it's passable. Well, what do you want? Not all sets are for everything. First decide what you want to do, what build (open world, WvW support, Raids) then get those stats. If you just want to raid, then visit Snowcrows and copy their build. You have to
  13. Could be, yeah. But it doesn't matter what they end up calling it, as long as it works. I'm more stoked about the rewards restructuring. Someone with a brain at Anet finally saw that, yeah, 40 hours for diamond is a bit too much time investment, and that there's no rewards for actually participating actively. So they'll be working on that when the technical side is up and running. Also, they saw that supports get nothing and well, that's not good, and they'll sort that out too.
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