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Sharing some Images


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Hello wanted to share some interesting images I had saved.

This is a look at all the updates for gw2 up to PoF, in all the eras they were added, not my image but cool to see everything that was added to each section the first 5 years.



A look at what servers were locked in 2018, if you look at what servers are locked today... it's the same ones 🤣



Concept I had for a lattice system, where you had to conquer objectives in an order and not randomly, this would create frontline battles. Pretty much how Planetside mmo worked.



Concept for two sided borderland maps, which would have cut down on maps to play on for every side to 3 maps in total, but still allowing you to fight the other sides still on separate maps. Garrison would have functioned like smc in the middle.



Concept of a better WvW UI.



Typical siege spots for alpines back in the day. Not my image, there's certainly a whole lot more to add these days.



The ebg siege version, old ogrewatch... /pours one out



What mag spawn camping use to look like...



What siege hell looks like...



Edit: Thank you for the confused, this is why we can't have positivity in the forums. 🤭

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