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Heal Scrapper Med Kit animation bug

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I am recently having what i think is a graphic bug with engineer med kit. I like to play heal scrapper in WvW and the build uses the med kit but the problem is that sometimes the med kit animation will not turn off unless i go to a different map or restart the game.


the bug animation continues even if i die, glide, mount, swap weapons/builds/gear templates, use waypoints inside the same map i am currently in and etc.

i do not use the med kit outside WvW maps, so i don't know if it happens for pve also.


I submited a support ticket and repaired my game client following the support staff instructions but the bug still happened after that, so i was told to report the bug via in-game system when it happens and also to report the issue here, so this is what i am doing.


at first i thought it was an issue with dx11, but i turned that option off and the bug is still happening.

besides looking like a "walking firework" the bugged animation also have the sound effect from medkit skill 1 persisting at the same time (like a gas leaking).

some other scrappers from my guild also have this happening to them with med kit and elixir gun.


Screenshot after having changed from healing to dps build/gear:



Short video (12 secs):


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