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Banner thoughts


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First, good that warrior group/support gameplay actually being more tactical and dynamic instead of just passively buff stats by existing or by spamming buttons.

Overall good direction to finally going to the same direction as other classes, but not enough.


Banner of tactics:

biggest positive in this patch, most noticeably 5 stack of stability, finally providing healbreaker something other then shout spamming gameplay.

AoE stab works when group rezing, stomping, casting battle standard etc. finally some low CD stab for war and not waiting 1 min

light field combo with blast from warhorn = more condi cleanse.

or group superspeed to chase down enemy.

tho sacrificing a slot for banner, could be endure pain or shout, which is painful.

overall make gameplay more interesting, so at least that is a BIG plus. finally some more interesting gameplay since 2012

but still lacking overall.


Banner of defense, 

meh, one aegis is bad, barrier is OKish, feels like just another ranged AoE heal but with barrier, very cannibalistic with shout heal.

minimum use other then a simple barrier heal.

defense and tactic could be combined into one and it would be finally good.

overall, pretty useless to sacrifice a slot for.

even apply protection, resolution maybe not even make it worth it.

shout is already heals, banner need to be utility instead of another shoutheal.

maybe creating a warding or projectile block what not.

or even make everyone invulnerable for short period of time.

or have real heal on top of the barrier and pulse healing, then it could also be good.


Banner of strength:

sounds ok, but meh in reality.

3.5k damage in pvp, is meh, not bad not good. 2 second daze is ok.

but overall lacking, need to pulse decent damage then it will be good.

could be used for cleaves etc. right now tho..it's  weak for the intent.

One hit damage has always been very weak and easily avoidable.


Banner of discipline.

same as strength, but even weaker.

needs to either buff bleed number, or add torment on top.

also needs to pulse condition, to server it's purpose.


Battle standard, needs to pulse burning for some extra damage.

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