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Warrior Rifle Improvements


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Alright, so I know this topic has been discussed alot because of the state of warrior Rifle being quite underwhelming. I'm a huge fan of warrior Rifle and have used it so much for years in open world, pvp and wvw and I guess I have the confidence to speak about this weapon here. Now the rifle has always been the meme weapon of warrior which primarily tries one shot KO with either kill shot or gun flame. Those two burst skills imo are signature skills of this weapon and feels good when you pull it off despite the massive projectile hate in the game rn. Those two skills are great 👍


Here comes the weapon skills. Oh God where do I start. First let me go through each skills and why they are bad and suggestions on improving them.


1. Fierce shot

This skill has always been just a filler skill which does puny damage and only used while waiting for cooldowns to recharge. The biggest issue is the might generation locked behind vulnerability. This skill is already bad to use but locking a crucial boon behind a condition makes it even terrible to use. I know some might be thinking but we can use burst or explosive shell for vulnerability. This is fine for single target scenario but when surrounded by enemy and you are unable to apply this condition to a particular enemy with those skills means you'll be missing out on might generation from fierce shot until they recharge back.


Suggestion : Allow this skill to apply vulnerability and remove the might generation from this skill. I'll discuss where to put the might generation in a while. Also slightly improve the damage of this skill(10% increase) to make it worthwhile filler skill.


2. Volley

If burst skills are the signature skills of this weapon for damage, volley I would say the secondary best . This skill is where most of the damage comes outside of using burst skill. This skill does good damage and a low cooldown/ammunition recharge means you can use this often. As this skill is used much more often than fierce shot and attacks much faster, the might generation( 1 stack per attack, so 5 stacks if all 5 hits) on vulnerable target should be put here allowing for consistent might stacking.


3. Explosive shell

Hmm, where do I even start. This skill was introduced to "improve" the AOE capability of this weapon but I swear the AOE aspect of this skill is terrible. If you play LOL, this skill functions similarly to how Graves' ultimate functions where a single projectile explodes at single target and causes AoE damage behind them. That sounds cool and all, but when you're surrounded by enemies and use this skill for AOE, more often than not you only hit one target and hit nothing behind them making this yet another single target skill 😅


Suggestion: This whole attack one target and shoot behind them doesn't work well practically speaking. Not only it makes the skill tedious to use but also difficult when you're getting smacked by melee enemies all around you. Just remove out the single target aspect of this skill and allow it to shoot 3 shots that spreads and pierces enemies and apply vulnerability similar to fan of fire from longbow 2. Maybe can call this skill "Spreading Shot". This  would significantly improve the AOE capability of this weapon.


4. Brutal shot

Only skil that I feel works really well and very useful in kiting enemies. I think there's nothing to improve in this skill.


5. Rifle butt

I have no idea what's the purpose of this skill. One it tries to work as a melee CC skill and allow for kiting enemies, but on another hand it wants you to use this skill to recharge ammunitions. In my opinion, the knockback of this skill is just bad. Not only will knocking back enemies just pushes them all around you and makes it much harder to line them up for kill shot or volley, it also attacks very slow.


Suggestion : Just remove the whole knockback part of this skill. It feels terrible to use and the knockback doesn't even push the enemies that far back anyway. Name this skill "Rifle Reload" and make this skill reloads a single ammunition of all the skills of rifle when pressed with 1/2 cast time and put it on a 40 secs cooldown. This makes this skill actually usable even at 1200 range and allow for more consistent brutal shot or explosive shell.


I know this was a very long post, but I really think these ideas would improve this weapon a lot. Warrior rifle desperately needs improvement and I hope some of my suggestions can be implemented in future. What do y'all think?


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