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Completely Trash: Boneskinner Trio ( 5 : 32 )


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Boneskinner is an IBS strike mission boss AKA 'Pug Slayer' or 'GET ME A Heal SCG'.


Video: Boneskinner Trio

YouTube Channel: Completely Trash

Discord: cT Discord

Reddit: Reddit Post




In low men the first challenge is how to manage the important boons such as quickness, alacrity, might and protection for some cases. Furthermore how to handle the condition: Vulnerability which alone gives a 25% damage boost. Lower the number harder it gets.


Our main approach

  • Mechanist: Full healer. Goal was to provide all boons outside quickness and projectile block/reflect the adds "spit" with barrier signet and shield 4/5, this approach alone provides 11 seconds of projectile block with around 15s CD give or take.
  • BS: Big DPS these days with the ability to give 15% base quickness. We used banner of tactic as well which provides quickness and a light field which can help with condition removal as the wasps gave weakness.


We are relatively a new EU hardcore raid/strike guild who attempts doing speed clears ,low men because we are thirsty for dopamine 💉 !

Hope this make you less scared of the deadly Boneskinner next time you do strikes 😁

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