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[Herald] Reduce True Natures CD please


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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the inteded way of using this skill would be just as you are about to leave dragon stance (so you extend your boons, but still keep the lingering Passive from Draconic Echo for a while).
Issue with that is, that it makes your rotation really awkward since it doesnt really align with either your legend swap nor your lowest CD facets.
This causes weird downtimes where you dont want to use any of your facets for quickness cause you will be missing out on the 20% boon duration and also makes it very awkward to loop into your rotation. As it is right now, the optimal way to approach this skill, is just to never use it at all...which feels clunky tbh.


Please consider reducing its CD to 15s, so it (with good alacrity uptime) lines up better with legend-swapping and the other low-CD facets in Dragon stance.


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