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Add Standalone alternative to "-provider Steam"

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Edit: Solved! Turns out there is another flag that takes precedence over the Steam one 😛 It's


-provider Portal


Original post:


I don't mind playing standalone, but I figured it would be neat to be able to track gametime with Steam and show off the game a bit more. I assumed I could just add the standalone Gw2-64.exe in the launch options box along with %command%, and this does work, except it seems that both Steam and standalone clients use the same executable, and both executables accept the Steam launch option.


My request is to make an alternative option for the -provider flag that takes precedence over the Steam option, so if "Gw2-64.exe -provider standalone -provider Steam" is the launch options, it should do a standalone log-in.

This may also be nice for Linux users wanting to run GW2 through Proton easier, although I'm not sure if anyone has figured out a solution to this yet or not.

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