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Attempt to snatch guild or bug?

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Hi folks,

Two days ago, someone asked me to give them permition to recruit other players to my guild.

I proceed to say to just tell them to pm me and I would send invite. 

After that they said they cancelled accidentally and if I could send again.

Then they told me to wait a while until they were ready.

Later they pmd me again saying something along the lines that I couldn’t blame them for trying because they like my guild name and hall, and clearly remember this: "So sue me"

I thought that was strange enough.

Today, I go look at my roster and a brand new player had the highest rank in my guild that only I have it alone, as Guild Master.


It says in guild history that it was me who gave them that rank, but I'm sure 100% that I dididn't. 

I had no reason to. 

I have no intention to give it away after only the 2 or 3 of us worked so hard to get it.

My best contributor isn't even guild master, they're 2 ranks bellow.


I personally think someone is trying to snatch my guild... or was this just a bug?

How do I take it from here?


Please help.

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