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Wrong Rating in "Friends and Guilds"-Section


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So I was decayed a few days ago for not playing for a longer time and since I now managed to grind some PVP, my Rating went up from  ~800 to ~1400 but in the Section which says "Friends and Guilds", my rating is still shown as 800.


I was just wondering: If i managed to climb into Top250, would it still be bugged? Since you get a title for being Top250, it would be sad if it stayed like that :-/


Thank you in advance for your replies!

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41 minutes ago, MaikHaensel.8059 said:

Ah, I see! I just played my 105th match and now its correct! Thank you for your reply!

No problem, and I might aswell mention, that each week of a season will add an extra 15 games onto that requirement, with 120 games total required to have been played by the season end.

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