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Looking for the right EU WvW server

Citizen Snips.5438

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So I've recently transferred back to EU from NA after a few years (was playing with my friend on NA for some time) and I'm wondering if there are active servers that have a more balanced playstyle. I'm on RoS right now and it's pretty much exclusively open field scrims and GvG which gets ridiculously boring after awhile when you have the same pirate ship blob fights, in the same part of the map against the sample people. I know EU does things differently to NA but is this really all the high tier servers do? Are there servers that like to fight and take objectives ('m not talking PvD I mean actual sieging against teams that also defend). I'm well aware that people don't give a kitten about PPT anymore because it means nothing but on NA jumping into WvW was at least fun and you never knew what to expect. Is this just because I'm in T1? It's been sometime since I've been on EU but we certainly didn't scrim 100% of the time and nothing else when I was.

The T2/T3 fights in NA I always found were quite varied, we had the same GvG open field scrim stuff but it was far far more common to fight over objectives, and across any border or SMC. For the past two weeks RoS is just form up blob on blue BL and wait for another tag to show up and blob at each other in front of spawn for 3 hours until people get bored or fall asleep. Would love any suggestions for active EU servers/guilds that might fit me more.

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