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[NA] Endgame training and clearing community


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Obsessive Completionists [OCD] is a growing community with the aim of introducing more players into GW2 PvE endgame by bringing together players of various experience levels so that everyone can grow, learn, and get clears together.

We identify three 'levels' of experience:
-raid/fractal leaders who post signups and organize the party or squad
-experienced players who aren't comfortable taking the spotlight but are willing to fill, help clear, and give pointers and feedback
-trainees who who have demonstrated their motivation and capacity to learn and improve by completing all of the necessary preparations. They may be new to the encounter, but should be familiar with the build they are using.
No matter what the rank or experinece level, we are all trying to imrpove. Mistakes will happen, so be kind to one another, help each other grow, and have fun while striving for victory!

We focus on training raids and T4 fractals, but there are plenty of members in the community with interest beyond that scope (e.g. CM progressions for strikes, raids, and fractals)
Currently we have three modalities for group formation:
-pings which function like pugging the LFG, except with verification and transparency in regards to build, gear, and experience for all group members
-signups where schedules are posted in advance by leaders
-statics focus on challenge mote content and are like a "leadership training program" for our most active members who are interested in growing the community by becoming leaders and mentors

Our groups mostly form in the hours following reset on the [NA] megaserver. Killproof, DPS benchmarks, and logs will never be required to join a group as a trainee, but could be accepted as proof of experience if applying for experienced ranks. If you resonate with our values of mutual respect, desire to improve, and willingness to help others, check out our Discord!


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