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No characters after multiple years of not playing

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Has anyone run into an issue of not having any characters after coming back for multiple years?  I had to get my account unlocked due to having an IP address from over seas try to login in to my account, but when I finally got back in I had no character, achievements, or gems.  I thought it was on a different account but I only have one account and I have emails from arena net to my character about coming back to the game and gem purchase emails so I know I have the right account?


I also can’t check different servers due to not buying the expansion packs.  Or it won’t let me look at them.  Is there a way I can verify what characters I have?

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Well, usually when there are no characters left on an account, it means the account has been compromised and all characters and items sold, deleted, etc.

But with no APs, it seems odd.  You will have to speak to the CS Team about the issue.  Nothing can be done from the forums.

Not sure what you mean about checking different servers, all World share maps except in WvW (except the two regions, NA and EU). 

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