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  1. Open world also get 90% of the resources spent on them and Im quite sure the wvw,spvp, fractal and raid crowd together carry atleast 10% of the money spent. Not that there usualy is anyone that only play one mode exclusivly btw.
  2. Since this is on sale until march 5 I think you can let go of the idea they will come into the wv in this rotation. 20% off Equipment Template Expansions
  3. Oh and here I thought charr got something nice added to their horns =(
  4. And all those 3 fail the I start from lvl 1 that the OP want to do. Necro going into reaper all fine and dandy same with ranger going into soulbeast. But celestial from level 1 is impossible so dont help the OP at all and mesmer is the worst if not second worst class to level up 1-80.
  5. Only raiders got a new skin before and that was only because it was the carrot to carry raids that came with a expansion. But so do open world they get a new skin too. If anything pvpers should be salty that they never got their skins updated to legendary status. These new I dont like the light at all not that its much worse then raid one, medium is better then raid one and heavy is worse then raid one but still decent.
  6. If they are keeping the lower horns then give them gilded bases like the upper ones.
  7. I think its cute OP that you would even think fishing would get expanded.
  8. That is just a standard reply blurb line from support that everyone get mate.
  9. Ok and are you checking the magic find were you see your armor and strenght stats? Or were you see your account magic find under the h pannel Edit Works fine for me just checked loged in with 1 character without magic find boost 325 on both places. Loged in to my keyrunner and used one firework +10 magic find and got 335 in equipment stats.
  10. There is a cap on it now at 750 have you hit that?
  11. It is still 2 actions by 1 keypress that give you an advantage over a person that have to press 2 key presses in sequence. And what I used to do was bind left mouse click to the mouse scroll wheel and scroll away on the identified gear stacls.
  12. Edit Scratch that Dont the box give a pair of exotic item and the recipe for all 3 wieghts? So you can just craft the other item you need. Mist Shard Glove Box Jump to navigationJump to search For example gloves. Mist Shard Glove Box Contains Mist Shard gloves recipes and a choice of exotic Mist Shard gloves.
  13. I'd say both those are 1 key press for multiple actions so yea not allowed. Only marco that is allowed is instrument ones that I am aware of.
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