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  1. Ya they did say you would be able to play beta characters all over the game, so working as intended
  2. That is what is called an addon name arcdps and yes it do tend to crash your game right after an update.
  3. That is correct you only get rewared once even if it hits diminishing returns.
  4. Some delete shenanigans going on in this thread.
  5. Since it is a amulet that is skinless they might do it
  6. Elementalist and engineer are two of the worst button mashing classes mate.
  7. So they are wrong but said the same as you. So you are wrong then right?
  8. To add to this you can do story up to completing the last one at level 10. See you dont get the key reward dont accept reward logout and not play it untill next monday evening come around.
  9. For people confused about this post, you used to be able to kick in combat and bad kittens kicked you at 1-5% or when boss was dead mainly last boss wing 3 that take awhile to load and get your rewards. Fun fact this is also why we get our Li in a bouncy chests nowdays.
  10. It have something to do with your brightness mate unsure what since it have not affected me
  11. Well they can just gg and kick they guy if it bothers them that much.
  12. The banner is light grey mate https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/100616-dark-mode-appearance-got-changed/?tab=comments#comment-1446914 Ah it's the "f.lux" that causes not to see the name and blent to the background ... (and i dont to change flux..)
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