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  1. Yes I am against it since it take resources that could be used for anything else then a none problem.
  2. Nice find so we do know that they dont work there anymore. So OP slim chance to get native controller support now bud.
  3. To be fair we dont even know if the one dev that had it as his hobby project off the clock still work at Anet mate.
  4. I thought it was only 1 calvin and hobbs did the series insert a twin?
  5. Aint that just because feb 22 is the last tuesday of the month tho?
  6. Some veterans need those training areas and you know it mate.
  7. Yea but nope all was spoilery so we saw waves of enemies trying to hit a turtle.
  8. Maybe this line in your Op maybe I'm biased, but I think Cantha, being the home of the Beetle should have some great tracks, right??? If it is the home of our beetle then Gorric must have gone over there to get it. Edit Maybe I should have read the entiery of this second post but yea never played gw1 other then the first box so dident know about that connection.
  9. So you are saying gorric poped over to cantha to bring us a beetle in season 4?
  10. And all I can think of when reading that article is. Why the hell havent Anet showed this in their livestreams?
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