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Do the facet achievements seem backwards?

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I did search for a topic on this, but couldn't see one (which surprised me, so apologies if I missed it).


For context, there is a set of achievements for getting all Gen 3 Legendary weapons with a specific dragon skin (e.g. every Zhaitan Gen 3).  Does this seem like it's the wrong way round to anyone else?  I feel like the much more natural set up would be to reward getting all dragon skins for a specific Gen 3 weapon (e.g. every Gen 3 Greatsword skin).


As well as being much more achievable (the cost is fractional, though still a lot), this also seems like a much more appealing thing someone might naturally do.  I can see players wanting different skins for different characters who all use sword for example (you might have a Mordremoth (nature) themed ranger, and a Kralkatorrik (purple) themed mesmer), but I can't see that many people wanting the same skin on all characters for all weapons.


Obviously there's nothing stopping both achievements being included, but as there are several achieves already where the later stages are locked behind future additions, it seems odd that this isn't already in the game.  A fairly obvious idea would be that unlocking all the skins for a weapon would then grant a bonus (likely Soo-Won) skin.


Has there been comment/discussion on this from the devs?

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