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  1. Write me a mail in game, I will explain, not going to tank the price of ambergris here.
  2. Stop playing dumb, the type of macro's you are using could prob get you a job with Elon Musk.
  3. I assume you got banned for using macro's, I think that is your answer right there.
  4. Convergences are boring and unrewarding, I don't waste my time with them.
  5. Yes, I would like them to increase the WvW rank cap to 20k or unlimited, and add new rewards for reaching those extended ranks.
  6. I would be happy for them to add another slot, I have pretty much all rank 3 options sitting in the bank not being used.
  7. I logged in just to say how stupid it is to post on a forum of a game you don't even play. Godspeed.
  8. I agree, and I think it would be better for the OP to ask a mod to lock the thread and just remake it.
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