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  1. If GW2 bombs on steam it will most likely be because of LW seasons needing to be purchased separately, so yeah wrecked by mechanics sounds about right to me, I have aIways felt that LW seasons should be packaged with expansions. I look forward to reading the steam review rage about it.
  2. I found a way to remove all the silly aura's from my vision, I Uninstalled.
  3. This is what they should have done with untamed.
  4. In terms of jade bots = no In terms of bag slots = no
  5. Ok ty, yeah busy work for low AP. Will prob skip it.
  6. What is the AP cap for them? I have not unlocked it yet.
  7. Visually I like the low res cursor, but clicking stuff with it feels off, there is to much deadzone in it.
  8. Agreed, Ashes just screams scam to me.
  9. The new legendary variant is so ugly, black lion skins are better, I will just wait for the Primordus and Jormag variants, hopefully they will be better.
  10. It annoys me when I have fishing stacks and need to change maps.
  11. Welcome to the GW2 zergfest.
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