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  1. Awesome change, been waiting for this for a long time.
  2. Any progress made on a beta character is temporary since it does not carry over to your main account and will be deleted at the end of the beta.
  3. I thought the Willbender skills and utilitys looked a bit off, almost a little cartooned compared to usual.
  4. I uninstalled and reinstalled again for about the 10th time.
  5. This is the solution I use for everything, now nothing is a problem.
  6. Customer : Goes to shoe shop and explains that the pair of shoes they bought last year are now to small and they would like a refund. Shop Keeper : /facepalm
  7. You Reminded me of this video clip... https://youtu.be/H7j9J9ArKlo?list=PLaaqQ7GUBpeOSpkq1fH6lGjGfP77nAZh0&t=118
  8. Don't get your hopes up, it is probably a repair canister.
  9. I'm happy they are bad, had no plans to make a prime account...
  10. The animation locking is why I've never built around this skill, I would consider using it if it had freedom of movement.
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