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The Awakening of Dusk (DUSK) is looking for new members to join our casual guild (European servers)


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The Awakening of Dusk (DUSK) is looking for new members!


We are a new guild on the European servers and we are looking for casual and mature players to join our family.

We accept players from all levels and experiences, including Free to Play players.


What we offer:


- A nice atmosphere in a friendly and family style guild.

- A guild discord (not compulsory to use or talk in).

- A guild hall (currently level 34) with gathering nodes and buffs (buffs only available to players with Hearth of Thorns expansion).

- We are an international guild.


How to join:


Send a pm or in-game mail to Aaralyna.3104, leave a reply below, or leave a message in our Discord channel "joining the guild" (https://discord.gg/5qJ8uA6S).


We are looking forward to see you in game!

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