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  1. Should totally go to the ??? area in Jahai Bluffs as a choya. Wonder what that effect will do.
  2. Given there is a tax rate on trading post it may also be on gold to gems to explain the difference.
  3. Did this for 30 minutes and got 2 from random mobs. The keep boss gave me none. I just closed the game. The grind in this game gets way too much. DRM was already a chore I am skipping as it has gotten tedious and I simply can not take any more grind. I play this game to play the game, not to grind.
  4. I don't think you have to fear for that. As soon as the logo for the next expac popped I had my theory of "it's going to be jormag vs primordus" and so far it still seems to look just like that. The faces look alike and the water theory. Well ice and fire makes water. Todays patch only seemed to confirm it more since the Tengu said they had the same appearances of attacks on the other side of the wall. As for today's release. I found it boring and predictable (and DRM's getting tedious and the same copy pasta). Think I heard the vision of the past music re-used as well in the last 2 DRM. The s
  5. I would use the hero points you have. Theres more than enough (I mean when having both current specs maxed I still have plenty spare) and when the new expac drops with a new espec there will be new hero points again. In the past they were easy to get (insight or fight) plus the fact that people will be doing this en masse there should be no issue getting these fast if needed. And theres still WvW where you can unlock hero points.
  6. I think it has to do with party locking and scaling that they cannot let people rejoin. I also think they used a home instance system for DRM's.
  7. In this game endgame doesn't mean too much. Endgamers still do what you do atm due to automatical scaling of levels per zone (endgamers which is just level 80's still do worldbosses and metas, dungeons and fractals). Raids may be the only thing you don't do before reaching level 80 but that is because of organisation and knowing your class thoroughly. There is no need to hold back on PVP pre endgame btw. In pvp you get scaled to level 80, it doesnt work with gear (its based on traitlines, amulets and runes you set in a specific menu) and you have access to everything a level 80 has skills wise
  8. I do not know what guides you saw but in Guild Wars 2 you don't level the same way as traditional MMO's (aka quests and grinding mobs of higher levels). The best way to level, if you want to still experience the full game (so not using tomes/booster) you have several options to do: Gathering gives exp (including levelling of character)Crafting gives exp (including levelling of character)Do hearts (this is similar to quests but you have more variation on how to complete it than traditional quests)Do events (if you see any orange circle, hop on and you will get exp when the event finishes (even
  9. I don't really play on PoF and LW4 maps because of the lag issue in EU. Even if it were fixed atm I wouldn't really know since I tried for months without any luck. Another factor is that dailies are no longer per map but went rotate. Like last week I wanted to do the Shatterer World Boss in Jahai Bluffs for the last item for my Requiem achievement. Only to find out this item only drops from the daily chest of said Shatterer. And by reading this topic I again forgot to do it on the right day, making me check wiki and wait again. Those things simply take the fun away from those maps and make me
  10. Open your options > general options > Content Guide In here select which content is tracked in the upper right corner of GUI. By default, prioritizes personal story, then events, then undiscovered map locations.Drop-down options include "Default", "None" (disabled), "Disable Personal Story" (events then undiscovered map), and "Hide Events and Personal Story" (only undiscovered map). You want to have it on default for content guide and so on to show. If this does not show for you, then try change it to Off, and then back on Default. Another thing to look at is Dynamic HUD in options (thi
  11. A fix to all the lag issues in EU. Fixing bugs that exist a while now. Riddance of eyesoar bright and flashy visuals (option to toggle others shiny effects off but keeping your own). Not everything has to become a lightbulb covered in glitter when doing boss fights.
  12. The gem store/ trading post seems to be having some issues in at least EU. If I open it then you get a black screen and things will not load. Open it a few times and at times you get a working one. Only experiencing it today as other days were totally fine and I am not the only one in guild saying TP doesn't really want to load today. Maybe its busy on the lines somewhere this xmas day. So if its this not loading but no errors "empty" trading post/gem store, it can be the same I am experiencing which is most likely due to lag / overloaded network traffic somewhere. In rest of the game (winters
  13. If you are after that achievement, this one helped me out big time. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Caffeinated_Skritt_Burglar/locations Just search for the chest per map and open it when you see it (if you cannot solo it, make sure to have some friends or other players along before you open it)
  14. Make sure you enter the Toypocalypse instance and not the Infiniarium one thats close to the stairs at the waypoint (while they look the same they are 2 different things and you will always be alone in the Infiniarium unless you have a party and others from the party join in). Just wanted to rule this mistake out in case thats what happened. When the wintersday jump puzzle timer is under a minute or 2 I just wait for it to reset inside. Funnily today I encountered the bug that when I waited to be sent to a new map (after I had jumped 4x and then had a minute of time left), it moved everyone el
  15. I experienced exactly the same thing. Previous years when notes hit the white line, this time they had to be in the blue close to hitting me (some were still hit and miss). Upon opening options I saw no higher ping (40 ping, when I got PoF it was 15 but it turned 30 not long after). More must have had same issue as the general scores seemed lower than last years. The internet on itself on my side is good (it even changed to fiber last year with higher speeds). It would not suprise me if the EU server lag hit this festival too (since a month or so I am getting them pof lags occasionally also i
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