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  1. This may be because bounties there are (unless they fixed it now) bugged from achievements. Same for the ships achievement there. And its bugged for years...
  2. If you ever get stuck on some achievement missing people you can always organise it via either guild, forum, friend list, discord groups. Popping something in LFG helps a lot too. There will always be players missing things.
  3. I am having this same problem with white banners (on edge, firefox and chrome) on any topics players react. Two days ago I checked out the dark mode and it was grey for me on chrome (white on edge and firefox). Today I opened the forum in dark mode again and it shows white on all browsers now. I didn't change any setting on my pc so something is wrong and it cannot be the brightness setting. @Fire Attunement.9835 Can this be looked into and fixed so we see grey banners everywhere (and on all browsers) instead of the unreadable white?
  4. They should really do something against botters and afk farmers (I have kicked people from that last group out of my guild because I do not find it ok). And they should definetly do something about it before Steam and the expansion drop.
  5. I was in Sandswept Isles. Popped in the guild hall and cannot leave it via the guild panel. I keep get the message" The game client is unable to gain access to the login server". P.s. Managed to get out now after a long wait and a very long load screen back into the map.
  6. I personally like the hearts. Most also have an event that runs at it that counts for the heart so you can just do the events (dynamic world). Unlike the classic quests you have several options you can do instead of being stuck to fetch or kill x amount.
  7. From the day Istan came out till the last time I did it I tried both cannons (almost impossible coz always occupied) and damaging on the ship itself and never got any credit. Only for 1 ship I have credit on the 1st ever meta I did when it was just out (where I used a cannon). But I think it broke not much later as I had tried several times even prior to this bonus event and the change to Palawadan only once a day (which I still find a shame given I never see groups there usually at times I play).
  8. Yes both bounties (original map achieve) and the Sunk Cost achievement do not register for me (for a long time now). Wish they would finally fix them...
  9. First race was buggy and immediatly got a hard crash (filled in the report that came with it). Second try I waited for everyone to go ahead first. Saw everyone circle the 1st poles tree times and started myself. Noticed an incredibly big lag and the port did not register (the poles also turned green oddly, per gate first the right pole turned green and then the left side and when both were green I passed and sometimes it counted and sometimes I had to redo entering it as registering seemed to lag on top). This may also explain the odd crash earlier. I also crashed with Palawadan event (just wh
  10. Can confirm that the trading post is not working at all. EU servers.
  11. They should keep it at the spot they currently have it in my opinion. All living world season 1 things are available via Eye of the North (the others being in voices from the past instances which are at scrying pool as well) and ofcourse they made the Eye of the North available for all levels now so I assume f2p players can access the place to play lws1 missions. They already got access to lws2 as well as long as they unlocked the episodes in the free period (idk if they can buy gems via card and use it on gemstore without owning the paid version of core game aka have the expansion). Why break
  12. Everytime I see people fighting the champions and ignoring mobs and mobs escaping into the portal and along that I see the marionette's bar go fuller. When I see players kill all mobs before they enter I see this same bar stay low. A full bar means event failed. And it cannot be the platform causing this effect given the notices that the chains break which means these champions all die.
  13. 100% yes on keeping the public version next to the instanced private squads. Have 1 hour the Dragonfall meta and the other hour the marionette or make it x times a day like lets say Tripple Trouble or any other worldboss. This way all players have a chance to complete it and/or enjoy it on a daily basis and keep the more difficult 50 ppl private squad verion as it is at the same time. I agree with Inculpatus cedo that Marionette is more fun than Dragonstorm.
  14. I have done this fight 7 times of which 2 in public (today) and 5 in private (yesterday). Out of them all I succeeded once in public. In private once got close but died with another player on the 2nd time platform (didn't really have a chance with a champion that hugged near marionette, did not take damage from front so you had to stand near marionette in middle of aoe, and a full floor with aoe's that did not go at all on any side of the floor and that with extra mobs on platform killed upon entering). The biggest part I see it fail is that too many mobs go through the portals (a
  15. Should totally go to the ??? area in Jahai Bluffs as a choya. Wonder what that effect will do.
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