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"Shadow Jade" achievement stuck at step 2

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- I've signaled this bug a few times via email and with the IG support since May 2022, but the problem still exists, and the support suggested I should also post on forums, so here I am! (I previously posted on the French forums, but seeing the lack of response, some people suggested I also post it on the English forums.)

- I know the "conditions" in order to complete this achievement: to have ongoing living story "9. To catch a spider", to complete the karma heart of the Brotherhood Woodlands, to NOT OPEN THE MAIL sent automatically by the game after completion of the heart. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of this last condition, thus my issue... At the time, I had opened that automatic email precisely between the step 2 (locate the Jade Brotherhood supply cache) and the step 3 of the story (examine the Jade Brotherhood supply cache). Therefore, i had found the supply cache, but i didn't had time to interact with it because I had just opened the automatic mail sent for the progression of the living story. I literally saw that supply cache disappear before I could interact with it.

- As step 2 is validated, the supply cache since then refused to reappear... I did the EOD story from A to Z with 4 or 5 toons since then, I tried starting another living story chapter at this specific step then restarting the ongoing EOD living story to check if it would have any effect following some suggestion of the support, I also stayed 30 minutes next to the spot of the supply cache, but so far the supply cache never reappeared. I therefore post here as a last gesture of despair and in the hope that maybe this bug will be more visible to the technical support!

- Also, as a last resort, I was wondering if  we could "reset" the progression of this achievement in order to be able to complete this achievement with no trouble?

You will see in the following screenshots that I was to the precise spot of the supply cache with different toons with active story ongoing:










Thanks for your help

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