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Skill lag


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Not sure why, normally i dont have any issues on this unless its related to high ping, but for once i  must  say after today i dont know whats  up my  ping is stable and fine im  playing SD Weaver btw BUT today felt different  from other  days, why ? because it feels like i click some skills but they arent going off properly, i sometimes even see them be  clicked swap attunement  and normally  they   still  go off  but today been weird.  Not  sure if its server sided or what it  is but skills really feels delayed.

im located in  northend EU btw not sure if that has anything with it but wanted to add it anyways .

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Still happening. Seems to be only on the Vindicator.  Wifey logged vindi and also same thing.

Sword 5, heal, elite all flashing away.  This screen from Elon Riverlands just alone at skimmer wp.  Wasnt even able to pop a skill during 10 man gather in echovald.  Super annoying when trying to learn it this class pvp.

I think this class being over monitored atm?   Anet could weigh in :D



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