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Game Instant Crashes When In a Large Squad


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I've noticed over the past week or two that sometimes, when I am in a big squad (40-50 people), my game randomly just hard crashes. It completely closes with no crash report or anything. Whenever I try to reconnect, I will instantly crash again if I reconnect to the same instance the squad is in. I had tried turning all my settings down to the lowest (on a different character). I also turnen on DX9, thinking it might be a DX11 error, but nothing worked. I would still instantly crash the moment I joined the squad's instance (on any character). I finally figured out that if I left the squad, I would not crash anymore (even if I was in the same instance). Has anyone else encountered this weird bug?

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Hello, i've had the same problem as you , at first it was large scale squads (dragon's end mostly) but recently it also happened when i tried to join a fractal group , and yesterday if a specific person joined the squad my game would crash 3s after , i've redownloaded the game since , i'll keep you updated if it helps. You are not alone.

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