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Open World Vindication Build


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This build makes you feel like Rampaging Godzilla:




- Godzilla Power

- Permanent Vigor, Fury, and 25x might

- Permanent 25x vuln on enemies

- Can back up heal (more on that later)





- Melee

- Can't hit branded griffons in PoF



I am going to wait until after patch to do a video going more in depth on this build as I am keen to see how the dodge changes will affect vindicator going forward.


The build leans in heavy on the synergy between Incensed Reponse and all the fury generating skills and traits Revenant gets access to.

It then triple dips for vigor with Vindicator combined with Rune of Fireworks for even more fury, vigor, and might while swiping a permanent 25% movement speed bonus, and an extra 15% boon duration as icing on the cake.


On the flip side, it can group heal in a pinch, and it works. You count as roughly 1/2 of an actual healer, but can legend swap to ventari for more heals if the need arises.


You go half celestial, either your armor or your accessories, doesn't matter. The goal is just reach 50% crit chance, because the other 50% is covered by your fury, which is always on. There are a couple pieces to optimize to reach the 100% crit cap, but that will be in the build link below, or you can look at the very end of the above video. This is without food or buffs, so that is also up to you. I'm too lazy to math all that haha



Here is a video of me commanding a PUG boneskinner with spot healing.

Some people were new to the fight. It took us 3 tries.


I have PUG Commanded every strike as Mirage, Firebrand, and now Vindicator.

Out of those 3 I would say Vindi is most fun, Firebrand is most potent, and Mirage is most relaxed. Keep in mind this is not including the new CM EoD strikes, of which I hear melee gets shafted super hard on some fights.


This build is for open world solo and metas (I have videos on that coming soon) low level fracs, and strikes, etc. Very flexible imo and super fun. Just wanted to both share the build, and say ty anet for giving us a cool class fantasy of jumping on top of things for titanic damage.


The Build:






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That’s the exact build I’ve been running except I take song of the mists for that sweet dwarf barrier on legend swap. 
I also off hand staff for the big CC breaks, but half the time at least being able to proc energy sigil while staying with GS would be preferable so I’ll give that a try I think. 

I love the build though. It’s great at soloing stuff and you can jump into WvW roaming and PvP and do very well without changing a single thing (maybe you can switch to vassals for the protection) That’s probably why I like revenant so much in general, but vindicator in particular, the tool kit has to be complete with each legend because you don’t have the option to swap your utilities. 

The build also pairs nicely with jalis/Shiro, but you do lose that sweet treesong cleanse. 

I can’t wait for the next patch changes. Two dodges will be insane and energy meld being instant will be so nice. 
Also quad swapping is back? Cuss yeah. 


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