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In-game cursor issues


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Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm having a lot of problems with mouse and camera in this game. For some context, I have 3 monitors and I'm using windows 10 professional edition.

If I have my cursor in-game in the border of the screen (in fullscreen mode), and if I hold RMB or LMB and move to the direction of the next screen (I do this to rotate the camera as I'll never play in action mode), my cursor will actually leave the game screen and go to the next screen, usually meaning that I'll have to bring my cursor back to the game and click anywhere to focus on it again.

The second problem, is that when holding RMB or LMB and moving the mouse around (while my cursor is invisible) to rotate my camera, if my invisible cursor happen to be hovering over other UI elements (like the minimap or chat), and I zoom in/out, it will actually zoom in/out that UI element instead of the camera zoom, so I often mess my minimap zoom or I simply cannot zoom in/out my camera because its rolling up/down the chat.

I'm leaning towards those being bugs that happen for every user but I'm not 100% sure. Thank you!

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