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Tides of Time Should be Ten Target, Please


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Trail of Anguish used to be unlimited targets (because old designs were fun)

Trail of Anguish is now 10 targets

Tides of Time used to be unlimited targets (it was my favorite part of WvW)

Tides of Time is now 5 targets

Tides of Time should be 10 targets

The logic here is, if scourge gets 10 targets then Chrono should get 10 targets.

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9 minutes ago, Kulvar.1239 said:

The word you should focus on is USED to. ANet changed these for a reason.

They won't go back on that unless you change their mind on AoE cap first.

No no, you didn’t read. Scourge is still 10 target. We should be 10 target. The aoe cap you speak of is arbitrary. I just want consistency.

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