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Halloween Labyrinth needs to be instance based like dungeons, fractals or raids.

Lord Voldemort.6189

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So as the tittle says the Labyrinth needs to be a 50 or less grouped instance so that if a troll comes in to a no boss door group and just starts running though and opening up all the doors  they can be kicked from the map and thing can get back to normal. I started commanding a no bosses doors and just killing Steve and not more the 5 10 minutes into the loop some F***in troll start running around opening up ever single door there, well it pissed me off to the point that I told the group I was done with the little kid behavior and left. It's not fair to me and it's not fair to the rest of the people I'm leading to have the F***In trolls messing with people like that with nothing the commander can do to stop them. I mean yeah if there in the squad I can kick them from the squad but that doesn't stop them from trolling the map. Please ArenaNet, do something about this. Sooner rather then later. 

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Or you could just accept the fact that you do not "own" the map. Can't have instaned versions for everything where people like to farm. Bosses are meant to be done and the people making a "no boss group" need to accept the fact that others are free to still open the doors - especially when the bosses are on daily.

These complaints nowadays are just going to far - imo. Why can't people just enjoy the game. There is soo much else to do. But no: At the Halloween they just want to farm, farm, farm. Even complaining that there is nothing to do in the game because they removed food items from the ToT bags. (When instead of just running around for hours in the labyrinth you could enjoy the other content.)

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