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Bug? Glyph of overload multiple bugs

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I'm running around doing map completion on one of my warriors. I have the glyph of overload in my logging tool. I am getting unexpected results with the overload charge. When farming elder wood, I get 4 or 5 logs per tree. But for ancient saplings, I only get 3 logs. I should be getting at least 4 as 3 is the normal number: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ancient_Sapling

There is nothing on the wiki page https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Glyph_of_Overload to indicate that the glyph doesn't work with the top level trees.

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Other behaviour: today, with 24 charges converted, I should have been able to harvest 8 nodes using the glyph, in my home instance. Instead, I harvested 6 and 2 of the nodes disappeared while I was harvesting the 6. They disappeared when I was harvesting from a different garden plot.


I am definitely planting all empty soil because 

1. I check to make sure I have the right number of growing crops, and

2. I carry a number of packets that is divisible by the number of empty soil areas I am planting. And my remaining packets are divisible by the number of soil areas.

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Next bug: losing charges randomly. Had 10 charges when I left Rata Sum for Grothmar Valley. This reverted to 7 charges when I zoned in. After harvesting one mussel the number of charges dropped to 4. I thought the charges were going down randomly while I was using the glyph on a logging tool on a different character, and this confirms it.


This glyph seems really bugged. It's extremely annoying.

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