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Dye color glitch with build switching.

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Essentially what happens is that Dye colors are inherited from other Dye colors when switching builds. 

So when switching from build template 1 to 2. The dye colors of 1 are overriden by 2. 


So lets say Template 1 dyes are red, green, blue and Template 2 are black, brown, orange.

When you switch to Template 1 then back to Template 2 that black, orange, brown is now red, green, blue instead. 


Basically I have to either keep all builds the same color or manually re-color them after. The inheriting effect is always from the "former" build. So Build 3 always inherits build 2's color and 2 always inherits 1. So if I go from build 3 to build 1. Any build I switch to then, 2 or 3, will inherit build 1's dye scheme. 


Very annoying thing.

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Basically for me what happens is the dye colors that are applied and then previewed in the dye screen are shaded differently then the actual colors that are applied. for instance using shadow abyss dye and then looking at the preview of it after applying it will show it as dark dark blue. I have seen it with others colors as well.

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