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Glyph of Reaping gathering anomalies

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These are largely cosmetic, but still bugs.

1. If you are running the Glyph of Reaping on your logging tool, and harvest Primordial Orchids where multiple are present, only a single tree falls down, despite having gathered from all nodes. All the other nodes will still have their titles, and will prompt you to log them, though they will not actually let you log them. Easiest places to see this are the small clumps in the Upland Oasis in Dry Top, Cathedral of Verdance in Cursed Shore, and the Hidden Garden in Dierdre's Steps.

2. If you are running the Glyph of Reaping on your sickle and harvest the Hidden Garden in Dierdre's Steps, only 1 plant shows it was harvested, though if you are in the center near the glowing sapling it will harvest all the nodes. Again, each plant will have its title still, and they will all prompt you to harvest them, but they will not allow you to harvest them.

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