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RP Discord List?


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It's a bit hard to connect with new/old roleplayers these days, so I wanted to try and collect a few discord links for anyone looking to meet other roleplayers or look for events to attend.  Please feel free to add your own if it is open to others.




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I collected a list of Discord roleplaying communities on the WARP (=RP overlay) discord. 🙂 I'll drop it here. Hope it helps somebody!

🇺🇸 English (NA)
🔹Discord (LWRP) https://discord.gg/bJamQ3g
🔹Discord (GW2 RP) https://discord.gg/tBYq2jd
🔹Discord (Lion's Arch) https://discord.gg/NJjWFDs3gM
🔹Discord for Charr/Human (Ascalon) https://discord.gg/VevSrxzXkq

🇬🇧 English (EU)
🔹Discord (Wandering Roleplayers) https://discord.gg/9yDqwuE
🔹Discord (Lion's Plaza) https://discord.gg/HPZAtfwQ68
🔹Discord for Charr https://discord.gg/tgwNWPh

🇫🇷 Français
🔹Discord  https://discord.gg/u8cpyBCKn2
🔹Discord (Canthan Campaign) https://discord.gg/wVgku8QTmX

🇩🇪 Deutsch
🔹Discord https://discord.gg/S28ChuSJVT
🔹Forum https://www.gw2-rollenspiel.de/

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With certain other websites going down, it's going to be a lot harder to find some places to organize RP and events. So it's good to have this list on hand.

Here's a few others that have cropped up recently as well for English (NA):

Krytan Coalition (Divinity's Reach and general Krytan RP): https://discord.gg/M4aBFkT2e7
The Noble Community: https://discord.gg/arrgWyVG2B

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New Discord links!

  • Cantha Connections is a hub Discord server that promotes connections between characters and fosters roleplay in Cantha. Come and join us! https://discord.gg/nbqaj6PmfT
  • From Ruin We Prosper (Lion's Arch) is a Discord community for hosting events and roleplay in the city of Lion's Arch. Our server is named after the infamous engraving on the statue in Lion's Court. We have regular tavern nights, and other upcoming events planned. Come join us in the bustling port city that has survived all odds that Tyria has thrown at it. https://discord.gg/GPA7gRNtCz
    • This is the same Discord as the one Ladydoritas.2607 listed - but now with an active invite link


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Join LWRP https://discord.gg/bJamQ3g (And I'd  advise just not interacting with the general persons there, just use it as a hub and mute it otherwise.)
Navigate to the Guilds-and-hubs section. This will contain basically every actively running guild (And some inactive ones that have like 20 of the same people and no activity, but I digress).
There are some communities within there I'd recommend:
Grizzly Guardholme [RP] Everything Norn.  Ran by a pretty cool dude.  They do frequent events and are pretty  inclusive of other norn and their stories as well.
The Nowhere Inn [VOID] For matters concerning things similar to Nayos and Demons.  Secret society with investigation vibes involving demons and other such weird things.  I got a world of darkness theme from it in general.
Pick A Direction And Go - The World Roleplay Resurrection Project Doing great work at making world RP actually matter (Very active discussions and chill leadership).  If you have an event idea that's better served out in the open world, they'll help you get it going.

Everything else I've joined has been basically dead with a skeleton community that does nothing and events that are only slightly better than taverns.
EDIT: Honorable mention to the three order discords.  You can find them in the other dedicated channel called #hubs-and-guilds.  However The Chantry [Order of Whispers] and The Vigil Keep are both pretty dead with the only events being posted are ones you'd see being posted in Living World Roleplayers (Which is also true of the other dead discords).  The Durmand Priory is actually quite active, but events are sparse.  I believe the people who usually run events there are currently getting swamped with life, however.  There's still a lot of plotting and scheming and RP hooks being posted and the occasional  Priory Casual.

Everywhere else is either pretty dead, not a place I'd recommend hanging out, or I've not had the pleasure of joining and interacting with them.

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