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RP Discord List?

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It's a bit hard to connect with new/old roleplayers these days, so I wanted to try and collect a few discord links for anyone looking to meet other roleplayers or look for events to attend.  Please feel free to add your own if it is open to others.


The public server my guild hosts: https://discord.gg/CEGXzeycTF  We host events on occasion, and have a few gleads from other RP guilds you can meet if you are looking to join one.  [Please note we are NA; those on the EU servers can't attend anything on our IPs 😞]



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I collected a list of Discord roleplaying communities on the WARP (=RP overlay) discord. 🙂 I'll drop it here. Hope it helps somebody!

🇺🇸 English (NA)
🔹Discord (LWRP) https://discord.gg/bJamQ3g
🔹Discord (GW2 RP) https://discord.gg/tBYq2jd
🔹Discord (Lion's Arch) https://discord.gg/NJjWFDs3gM
🔹Discord for Charr/Human (Ascalon) https://discord.gg/VevSrxzXkq

🇬🇧 English (EU)
🔹Discord (Wandering Roleplayers) https://discord.gg/9yDqwuE
🔹Discord (Lion's Plaza) https://discord.gg/HPZAtfwQ68
🔹Discord for Charr https://discord.gg/tgwNWPh

🇫🇷 Français
🔹Discord  https://discord.gg/u8cpyBCKn2
🔹Discord (Canthan Campaign) https://discord.gg/wVgku8QTmX

🇩🇪 Deutsch
🔹Discord https://discord.gg/S28ChuSJVT
🔹Forum https://www.gw2-rollenspiel.de/

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With certain other websites going down, it's going to be a lot harder to find some places to organize RP and events. So it's good to have this list on hand.

Here's a few others that have cropped up recently as well for English (NA):

Krytan Coalition (Divinity's Reach and general Krytan RP): https://discord.gg/M4aBFkT2e7
The Noble Community: https://discord.gg/arrgWyVG2B

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