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Forgot password, reset didnt work but can login

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SORRY I know its the wrong forum, but this is the one with the most coverage, thought I should ask in here to get a quick answer before it got removed.


So basically, I tried to reset my password but it requires me to input code that got sent into my phone number, which, after 20 tries and long wait, never came. Reason is because I wanted to take advantage of the 20 slots bag promotion once I subbed to the newsletter but forgot my own password.


How can I look at my saved password on the GW2 apps itself? I made it so that I don't need to input my password manually again, but since I forgot my password and the password reset phone code doesn't work, I am relying on a method to check my saved password that the GW2 app made to remember.


Anyone please help me to check? 

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Through the support if you have information about your account like serial code: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000819168-Recovering-Your-ArenaNet-Account

The game should not save a password in a recoverable way, that would be bad as someone else could get it if got access to your computer, I didn't check thoroughly, but most likely it's saved properly without option to see it.

Though you're logged on the forum, so you may be able to check password in your web-browser: Settings -> Privacy, depends how your browser is configured, it may require master password.

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