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[Suggestion] Trickery Rework/Rebalancing


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Trickery is viewed (and rightly so) as a necessity in all Thief builds across all content types, regardless of their role. This is unhealthy for the game and makes Thieves homogenous.

While most professions choose between 3 trait lines, Thief *must* take Trickery to be optimal and choose between the other two.

It's too powerful to leave out, and so the game has become balanced around Thieves always taking Trickery (3/1/2 90% of the time, with occasional deviations for some builds).



Either nerf Trickery and buff all other Thief specs *OR* (preferably) fold the more generic/must-have traits into the profession mechanics and redesign Trickery entirely.

Why is the spec for Tricks the same as the spec for Initiative bonuses when these are separate aspects of the profession's mechanical design? Etc.



I'm not too picky about what all specifically should be changed, but this is where I'll make some suggestions.


Note that simply nerfing this spec without also buffing all other specs will significantly hurt Thief across all game modes, but it would be the simple choice. As such, I won't focus on this because it should be obvious which traits need to be toned down and complex which other Thief spec traits should be buffed to compensate.


1. Thief mechanics - Steal (and variants) now always strips 2 boons from targets. Thief deals 1% more strike and condition damage for each point Initiative missing, up to 10%.). Tricks (slot skills) are now classified as Maneuvers (or maybe Deceits). Stolen skills have been renamed to Tricks.


2. Kleptomaniac - (Reworked) Tricks reduce the cooldown of Steal by 4 seconds.


3. Thrill of the Crime - (Reworked) When you Steal, you cast Lesser Haste. (30sec CD)


4. Burst of Agility -> Opportunist - When attacking a foe while flanking (from behind or from the side), you and nearby allies gain Fury (10s, 10sec CD). You deal 5% more strike damage while flanking.


5. Uncatchable - Also makes dodging remove 1 movement-impairing condition.


6. Preparedness - (Reworked) You gain a random Trick on entering combat and Tricks have increased effect/damage and duration.


7. Bountiful Theft - (Reworked) Boons you remove with Steal are now granted to you and nearby allies, and Stealing grants Vigor to you and nearby allies.


8. Pressure Striking - Also increases expertise by 150.


9. Lead Attacks -> Tricks for Treats - Tricks grant you and nearby allies 5 stacks of Might for 10s and give you 2 Initiative.


10. Quick Pockets - (Reworked) You gain a random Trick after swapping weapons while in combat. Tricks reset the cooldown of swapping weapons.


11. Sleight of Hand (Reworked) Tricks daze nearby enemies for 1 second.


These are just some examples of ideas, there is a TON of design space here to rework Trickery and make this aspect of Thieves more interesting *and* rewarding without making it the default go-to spec for all builds in all content.

That said, I do think the other specs need specific targeting buffs to make them more competitive with Trickery.


Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions below - maybe if we can get enough attention on this it could make it's way to ANet to consider! Thanks everyone 💕

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