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Pulmonary Impact and physical skills


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If I said "pls buff" I doubt anyone would take me seriously so I am going to present a reasonable argument


Fist flurry (utility): 

Pros: vuln, decent stun

Cons: rooted cast, really really low range

buff: remove rooted cast and improve range


Distracting daggers (utility

pros: cool passive animation, 3 ammo, short cooldown daze,

cons: niche use, daze is really short,

buff: reduce ammo to 2, add a short launch,


Impact Strike (elite):

pros: short finish, launch,

cons: niche use, no evade,

buff: daze replace by stun, uppercut should evade,


Impacting disruption (trait):

pros: makes cc builds, unblockable,

cons: low damage, very niche use,

buff: should be proc on cc instead of interrupt, buff damage.


Pressure striking (trickery trait):

buff: now reads: "deal increased damage to cc'ed foes, cripple foes you cc."


Uncatchable (trickery trait):

buff: text now reads: "leave behind lesser caltrops when dodge or interrupt an enemy."

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