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Errors that bother a lot and are already known

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If you could fix them you would be great:

- Unlike other summons, the Elementalist's elementals are destroyed when the Elementalist mounts.


- As defined in patches (and is detailed in the Wiki), Combos should prioritize areas of effect (Combo Fields) created by THE SAME player (and prioritizing those used first). But many finishers ignore the Combos of player and prioritize fields of LightThis is very annoying and harmful for several characters (personally, this hurt my Thief, Elementalist and Illusionist a lot).


After using Sniper's Cover, Deadeye's (thief) often fails Death's Advance for no apparent reason. It simply spends the initiative points, but doesn't trigger any of the ability's effects.


- The Warrior skill Tactics Banner says it breaks stun, but it can't be used while stunned (Which forces to not use it, because others banners are better and it is necessary to have at least 1 ability to break stun).


Revenant skills being re-arranged after swapping builds (something you had already fixed when getting on and off mounts).


- Backpacks keep crashing after getting off mounts (unable to fix by getting back on and off) and only sometimes (for no clear reason).


- Bandage Self, of Ingenier, only apply 1 time Speed of Synergy ...although, by description and just like other healing and belt abilities work, it should activate 2 times (2 instances of effects, but stacking only up to the maximum: 10s)


- The Engineer ignores his own combo fields (even without nearby allies), when they exceed a certain distance (900 - 1200 units, when I get to the fields, I use explosive or jump finishers and it doesn't do combos, but the different fields are still active).


- Bladesong of Virtuoso they keep failing on cast, either because they don't activate traits or because they are interrupted if the player moves or prepares another ability.



Please fix some of these, they are very annoying 😕
Thank you very much, I love the game, wish you an excellent 2023 😁


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