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2560x1440 resolution and UI scaling.

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Hi everyone.

Just bought new laptop with 2560x1440 resolution, but when started the game still can not fit UI for normal size.


In 2560x1440 resolution without DPI Scaling all windows and names look too small, even if I change Interface Size.

If use DPI Scaling everything comes to normal, but too blurry and seems that something wrong with my eyes.


Tried to change resolution of system and its scale, tried to manage poreprties of the client manually. 

Nothing helps.


On my old laptop was 1920x1080 resolution, I didnt use DPI Scaling at all and ran normal interface size.


Now I have such troubles and issues. 


Plz, if someone know how to solve this, reply the post.


Appreciate in advance.

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There are two ways to upscale the UI in Guild Wars 2: The game applies your Windows scaling to its UI and has its own scaling as well. Maybe you are running a combination of both scaling options that causes blurry visuals.

That said only the ingame text remains sharp, when upscaled. The UI background images and icons are bitmaps that get blurry when scaling is set to higher values than "normal" ingame or 100% in Windows. But the blurriness should not be an issue as you usually only upscale the UI on high pixel density displays so the effect evens out.

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Thank you for your reply, but I have tried a lot of methods for the week.

The game looks like not optimized for such resolutions or badly optimized.


In 1920x1080 resolution the game seems to understand and upscale by itself, but its not my native resolution now, and all becomes jagged and awefull in game and in Windows.


Really, I tried a lot of things, even go to support, but they seems cant help me, only if optimize it for high resolution.



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