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After getting my leggie backpack (spvp)


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*steps up to podium*

spvp why art thou bad let me count your ways.

1. Afkers: every 4 of 5 matches that I win there's an afker on the other team. There was once an afker who I believe wrote explicit things on the map, but at the time I could not confirm who was writing it as your name doesn't show when you write on the map.


2. Q dodgers: I will sometimes get paired with a team that communicates so well that they could have been a hive mind for all I know.


3. Q itself: I get paired up with some of the worst players of spvp ever. There were several allies on multiple occasions that would do the following:

run into mid when there were 5 enemies and no allies, go far immediately and try to hold out against 3 enemies, play firebrand (the one and only no-no spvp elite spec in the entirety of gw2). When I get paired up with duoq players that play catalyst and bladesworn and kill me before I can press any buttons at all. (let alone my invulns)


4. Supports: They suck. I cannot previde the invuln and healing and boons required to prevent 10k from nowhere. I cannot even provide much damage. I get interrupted in my rez signet (something my allies can never do), my allies run out of my aoes, and all the while both home and far are the enemy's.


5. Each class can be stupid broken:

warrior block, block, evade, block, dmg, heal, stun. Guardian, can kill you without even being on the point. Rev, can do dmg, provide heals, provide boons, and stay alive. Ranger, root root root, stun, daze, push, pull, knockdown, dead. Engi, One shot out of stealth. Thief *takes mid and far* "where is everybody?" *goes to mid and start stealth stomping downed people and focusing supports*. Ele, 25 stacks of might in 9 skills, 9, plus crit dmg, vuln, and invulns. Mesmer, chrono well can keep you useless even after 3 stunbreaks.


6. CC: I could be a bot at mid for all it matters.


7. lack of support: No new maps since HoT and not even the simple courtesy of some eod runes.


8. Toxicity: don't play during non-prime times, you will regret it.


Because of the above I stayed in low silver to high bronze the entire time. Guess what achievement was the hardest to get. Wins.

I'll be taking a long ow vacation.

Oh, one last thing, Anet, fix your game mode.

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Elo Hell is real, the climb is slow and do not underestimate how strong „tiltedness“ negatively affects your performance. If you are on a losing streak, stop immediately after you experience the first signs of „tiltedness“ to prevent tilt falls. But you also might just play the lottery and win, as duo q scrambles up the matchmaking in really bad ways. 

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