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[RACE] Beetle League Racing Team - Spring Beetle Championships


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Beetle League Racing Team | https://www.beetlerank.com/

On April 29th at 18:00 CEST, the [RACE] Spring Beetle Championships will take place. Taking place on three guild hall tracks: [INDI] Maguuma Expressway, [VAW] Ratzfatz, and [GDT] Raceway the Dragon Circuit, on the EU server.

The tournament will be split into open and pro brackets, featuring a total of 5000g as a prize pool that will be split across the brackets. Anyone can enter the open bracket, but the prize distribution will be somewhat smaller! For the pro bracket, a qualifier race will be held on the [INDI] track as the first race, where the top 12 racers will qualify for the big prizes. Next, the tournament will be held on the racetracks in the following order:

[INDI] Open bracket – 1 lap

[INDI] Pro bracket – 1 lap

[VAW] Open bracket – 1 lap

[VAW] Pro bracket – 2 laps

[GDT] Open bracket – 2 laps

[GDT] Pro bracket – 3 laps

Followed by the award ceremony and bonus race.

Some tournament rules apply, you may find them in the [RACE] discord: https://discord.gg/wkJbRwA in the tournament-rules channel. You may also ask for invites there for the guild halls to practice the tracks, which is highly recommended if you want to participate in the tournament. You can also contact Chavyjav.2967 (INDI), Dyers.1567 (GDT) or Fussel Hirn.7568 (VAW) for an invite via in game mail, but make sure to have an empty guild slot ready.

To join the event, simply join the squad on race day before the event starts with /sqjoin garfried.7295. Make sure to be on time so you don’t miss out on any of the races! We hope to see you there.

If you can't make it to the Beetle Race you can watch it broadcast live streamed @ https://www.twitch.tv/Hellmasker

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Hellmasker put this video together! Thank you, Hellmasker. 😎

Guild Wars 2: [RACE] Beetle League Racing Team | 2023 Spring Beetle Championship!

Msg from Hellmasker, I am very honored and grateful to have been invited to host this year's Spring Beetle Championship! Enjoy!

The racetracks:

[INDI] Maguuma Expressway was built by Chavyjav, its a downhill race starting from the canopy of the gilded hollow, going all the way down to the central waypoint where we have the finish line. It's a classic downhill fullspeed run where racers will try to maximize their top speed with hyperboosts on long straight sections and long aerial drifts off the side ramps, with several up- and downward spirals in between to switch up the pace. Watch out for the final corner, where you can lose a lot of speed if you dont pay attention and lose traction right before the end. Race time is between 4 and 5 minutes from start to finish.

[VAW] RatzFatz racetrack is a track made by Fussel. It is a highly technical and vertical track, starting high near the ceiling, going down and then back up again. There is a lot of variety in the techniques that the racers want to be good at for this track, and they have to work hard to maintain the speed in any sections. The optimal racing line can be pretty sharp, where missing it will result in loss of speed for large parts of the track. The uphill section of the track features some awesome long upward curves that the racers will have to drift upwards on to maintain their speed, which is not easy to construct at all, so much credit goes to Fussel for creating this masterpiece. Race time between 3-4 minutes per lap.

[GDT] Raceway, The Dragon was built by Dyers of the Green Dragon Tavern guild. A more traditional real world racing track but curvy for the Beetlesque environment. An EoD "water" Dragon design because it is so curvy. It is a fairly beginner friendly track as it is well protected by barriers across most of the track, and there are many boost orbs present to increase maximum speed and to guide you along the upward section. The track is a short circuit going down and back up. Racers want to focus on optimizing their racing lines and take the inside of the many 90 and 180 degree turns, and a couple 270 degree turns. Race time between 2-3 minutes per lap.

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