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Insane dmg bug?

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Just completed Soo Won with 10:25 left on the timer (EU servers, killed at 01:34'ish UTC+2 in case it's useful to be investigated). Was a perfectly normal squad, arcdps didn't show any unusual dps from anyone but once we started with Soo Won, it completely melted. The adds during the splits didn't all melt at once though, it was 1 by 1 with enough time in between to go from one to the next as if a player was rotating and bug abusing. Hence why I suspect it was just 1 person out of squad who was doing it, or it was something that arcdps doesn't register. Anyway, this is game-breaking if one or more people can do that at any place/any time and needs to be fixed asap, especially since at least one of them is bold enough to not even hide it and just use it on a PvE meta instead of keeping it for instanced content with people they trust. So far this was the first time I've seen it though so no idea if it's only at Soo-Won or if it works anywhere they want to use it.

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