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Sand Savant in WvW


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Scourge is a powerhouse of boonrip and is a staple in most competitive wvw groups at higher numbers as a result. It has previously been overtuned in WvW from a boonrip perspective and the nerfs have brought it down to par.

Its damage suffers compared to other necros to make for its better rips.

My question here is why is Sand Savant just a straight up downgrade? A greater shade which functions as 3 shades should function as 3 shades. Not 1 with 100% increased recharge.

With sand savant you can hit maximum 4 targets with any shade skills (shade + necro).

Without it, you can hit maximum 8 and gain every boon you corrupt or just do more condi dmg? Seems like oversight.

You got a dead trait here. Just rework it to increase target cap on shades back to 3 and increase shade radius + increased shade cooldown. You have the opportunity cost of an extra 100% cooldown to have a max of 4 more targets. That's actually a viable option to compete with the others now.

As it stands now it'd be like having a trait for guardian that reads "Your virtues now have a 100% increased cooldown and affect a larger radius around you".

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I'd rather see it turned into a support trait. The other two traits are already selfish/dps focused. Also, as a support trait no need for the recharge increase if it doesn't increase damage.

Sand Savant - Summon only one shade at a time. The greater shade heals allies and provides alacrity instead of damaging and tormenting enemies. Influence a larger area with shade skills.

  • Increased Targets: 5
  • Radius Increase: 120
  • Healing: 845 (0.83)
  • Alacrity (3s): +25% Skill Recharge Rate

Then increase the number of stacks of stability on Trail of Anguish in WvW so that it can compete with Firebrand.

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