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Re-Target Randomly Skill

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Currently I have seen this issue on Ranger - Engineer - Guardian.  I can only speak about these because I have seen them on these professions only.   My Character without hitting any key other than hitting the skill will random target something other than my current target.  

Ranger will randomly start shooting at the camera at something I cannot see, it is not even close to where the cursor is, so not linked to that.

Engineer mace energizing smash is now avoided in Deep Stone due to it will Yeet you off the map with the random retarget skill

Guardian will Leap of Faith you off a cliff or Wings of Resolve you to your death


I currently have Target Assist off as well as Auto Targeting off.  I do have both Snap to Ground target on and instant cast.   Does anyone know the secret on how to turn off Random Retarget skill?

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