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Give harbinger more way to gain BLIGHT


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As it is right now, the only way for harbinger to gain BLIGHT is by using elixir or simply stay in shroud for a certain amount of time due to blight gain 1 stack per second (wvw/pvp), 2 stack(PvE). 

My suggestion is to let harbinger to gain BLIGHT with it 1st shroud skill(auto attack) too thus make it much better at bursting (by using blight bonus).

I guess by making the 1st shroud apply blight do improve harbinger burst potential in PvE and pvp/wvw.. it also open up a way for counterplay for the enemy( I'm talking about competitive mode) to take advantage upon harbinger that mindlessly spam 1st skill due to blight reducing max health.. and at the same time open up the rooms for power harbinger to be used.. as for now, power harbinger fall behind against it's condi or cele build due to it does not have the tankiness too take damage in shroud while waiting 200 years for the blight to stack up..

Are this idea is bad? Any suggestions would be appreciated.  If there possibilities for this idea simply make harbinger way too OP, let me know 

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